Work Flow

In my last travel I started to overexpose pictures one step in my Nikon D70s. When I use UFRAW to convert files to jpg, I discovered the results were much better. So I decide to use this approach from now. Basically the whole process will be:

1.- Compensate exposure in the camera (+1 EV). This make the camera shoot overexposed 1 EV.

2.- Process picture in UFRAW (or whatever software you use to revelate your RAW files):

2.1.- Correct exposure -1 EV

2.2.- Use fotogenetic base curves depending on the picture. I downloaded a lot of them but always use “Point_and_Shoot_v41” or “EV3_V42”.

2.3.- Select Color Profile downloaded from UFRAW website for Nikon D70s (Gamma 0.45 and Linearity 0.01-0.03). I also tried NKD1_NEF (Gamma 0.45 and Linearity 0.05) but it compress colors in the left side of the histogram, whereas UFRAW version open the histogram a bit more, with a more luminous result.

2.4.- Saturation: 1.1-1.2

2.5.- Adjust rotation, and cut if necesary.

2.6.- Export as jpg. I also save .ufraw files.

3.- Enjoy your pictures